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1st Aid towards a very common open wound : Abrasion

Abrasion with discharge

All of us had this moment, the pain is unimaginable or other words are very very painful wound. If occurs in child, he or she will never cease from crying due to pain. Simple or brush abrasion also usually accompanied by serum discharge, what with this material? is it sterile or infectious?.

Don't worry so much. Calm down, this simple wound is not an emergency and will not threaten your life :) .By worrying or increase stress the symphathetic (due to pain) or parasymphathetic (due to fear) nervous system will be activated then result in mild shock state.

The cause of intense pain is irritation of the superficial skin nerve ending at the wound site. The nerve ending irritated by inflammatory-induced material such as prostaglandin from the dead tissues. 

The discharge?. It is the nutrient containing substances that diffuse from the adjacent patent arteriol which supply the skin. Without the skin overlying it, in this case the fluid will oozes on top of the wound.

Enough of the boring theory, lets get back to practical application of 1st aid. It is shame on who calls them self medical student if don't know how to deal with this type of very simple wound.It is simple like abc!.

a.Inspect the wound, site, makesure it just an abrasion due to fall and friction (superficial , no severe bleeding)

b.Clean the wound and surrounding skin by saline or clean tap water thoroughly and free it from foreign bodies (if present)

c.Put antiseptic such as iodine, antibacterial cream (fusidic acid) and so on with cotton bud at the wound site.

d.If it needs covering use non-adherent gauze. NEVER use cotton because it will stick to the tissue and hard to remove!.

Let us be useful to others as the time will come when we need others
"We need each other to live..seriously!"

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