Monday, June 8

Countless exam in between the exam..sigh~

1.Difficult to start.

2.Once started difficult to keep going on..

3.Numerous side activities. ( games, movies, alaa... all of the fun stuff xD)

4.Time consuming non-academic activities.
( why i prefer talking than studying at this particular time..adoyai syafiqq)

5.Laptop problems...( Sound card not detected!! )

6.Want to share problems with mama...declined by
Stupid e-voiz & Stupid DSL(bajet laju) padahal xpun...

7.Plenty to study but not enough time

9.Pleasee watch my book..(pretty much encouraging.. am i right :P)10."Egyptians morning sleeping sickness" (tido pagii)

'O Allah the Almighty , give me strength to endure my up coming exam.and i beg your guidance throughout this obstacle...i am the weakest slave you ever own,,i am thankful for all your ni3mah and trials... and please , spare me and my family a place in your heaven' ameen ya rabb~

p/s-a piece of advice wouldn't harm..would it??...
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