Saturday, May 1

purpose of living..

my short list

Feeling empty inside, don't know if this feeling is a pharmacological reaction of the drugs which i had taken so far for my tracheitis,

Dipenhydramine , is a natural mood-abolishing agent leads to drowsiness in exchange to its anti-histamine activity.So i got bad mood and sleepy instead of dripping fluid from my nose.All that i can say is Alhamdulillah.

My upmost happiness today comes from this blog , i not feel proud at all for my small contribution but i felt happy because there's still hope or our muslim brothers in Gaza and for how big a a donation can be when the purpose is jihad not sadaqah.( talk is easy but action aren't )

Purpose is the word that put a barrier between living and not living. Living without purpose is equals to not living at all like a living zombie. Live only to eat and sleep with nothing to gain noting to achieve. This is sincerely my worst nightmare the lifestyle i would never let myself into.

But there's a time when i really felt that way about my life.Purposeless.. that's the word at time like this nothing seems right.So i pick up a whiteboard marker and start drafting my purposes of life as listed in the photo above.

Then the ultimate purpose hit my head and it keep on rewinding on my head..,from the book of all the best stories ever told, the divine mukjizah form Allah to our beloved prophet Muhammad (peace upon you).

Surah azzariyat...

 And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me.

All of our life purpose are assimilated with the ultimate purpose which is to serve Allah.Anything we do as long as it is to achieve Allah's satisfaction, so it is a purpose.Other than that or if we are not lived as Allah told us to live and serve him.So we are considered dead and most likely a living,breathing human being but dead deep'uzubillah. ( as a reminder )

Breath in and breath out as the angel of death watch over us 70 times daily..

so what is your purpose?choose wisely.... 

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