Tuesday, July 7

How to protect computer from viruses??

xdela sampai cmni

For those who are not very keen into personal laptop security, watch out because you are prone to have viruses and malware invasion to your unprotected system. It will cost you your precious files!!.

It's very simple laa..just a few clicks and a very good internet connection will do. First, you must check your antivirus whether it is functional or not.

If it is functional please, and please make sure your virus database updated don't leave your database un-updated it will surely rot and i mean it seriously.

If it not functional , your antivirus software of course ,you should get a new one immediately. If you ask me what I'm using I'll tell you that I've been using and still using Avira personal free edition.

After you've install it don't forget to keep your antivirus definition up to date. I'm sure many of you people know these simple steps but you will surprise when you know that there are person out there whose doesn't care about computer security.

Another thing is always scan your computer for viruses daily. After that delete those infected file (if it present) if it is a system file don't delete it, quarantine is the best action possible.

The real title is How to protect computer from viruses for dummy but it'll be cruel right?? xD
(no offence~~ I'm a dummy too when dealing with computer and I'm just want share a little that I know about it)
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