Friday, July 17

Anonymously speaking

These are questions from Anonymous. I'm happy to help even though this thing is quite simple, lending a helping hand is always welcomed (i think~). I hope Mr or Ms Anonymous will satisfied after reading this simple post.

What is spyware?

software or program that when installed to your computer either accidentally or not, will cause breach on your privacy.To be more precise it's a program specially designed to make the computer which installed it to be spontenously vulnerable to the software designer.Frankly speaking any of your files will be available for him/her to manages.

What is Adware?

A software that downloads automatically any advertisement or almost anything that it designs to download, games,pictures,'s functionality it's much or less the same as the updater, antivirus,adobe,etc..It is harmless except when it is designs to download hazardous viruses on the net.

Which one is more dangerous?

None. If your computer security is unbreachable they possess no threat. But when your security is compromise it may become a serious problem. Medical metaphore, it goes like this. The computer virus is like bacteria and the computer security is like one's immunity or immune responses.when the immune response is abolish or non competent, the bacteria will spread and colonized the body and wil cause many serious complication if not treated well enough.


Prevention is better than cure.

Kapersky doesnt update, why?

Simple.Ask your Internet Service Provider.
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