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In Neurology round, one of the most typical and classical case is hemiplegia. For those who are still not accustomed to medical term it is called one-sided paralysis according to the part of brain affected.

"What is common is common" a sentence which my lecturer repeat all and over, because in medical field, we as a student or a HO or a MO or the upper level doctors must exclude the typical causes and then the uncommon or the atypical causes are considered after the commons were subsided.

Vascular is the common cause of hemiplegia.The 'tiga serangkai' illnesses which are Diabetes Mellitus type II-Hypertension-Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease.Enough of the medical mumbo-jumbo, want more info just click on the links.

In hemiplegic patient the pyramidal tract affection will cause weakness in the extensors of the upper limbs and flexors of the lower limbs.So the patient attitude will be like this ( the patient suffers left hemiplegia ) .

left upper limb in flexor attitude and 
left lower limb in extensor attitude 

These position is a blessing from Allah because the flexion of the upper hand helps him to touch his mouth, eats and wash his face.Furthermore the extension of the lower limb allows him to walk ( Subhanallah ).

Allah's blessing is everywhere, open our eyes, mind and heart.We can sense it if we try!.A lesson to learn is concluded in the ayah below, from surah Al-An'am verse 12.

"He ( Allah ) has decreed for himself mercy"

[ As a bounty from him, this is a gentle 
summoning of them (kuffar) to the faith (islam) ]*  
from Tafsir Al-Jalalain*

wallahu a'lam, wassalam.
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