Tuesday, May 25


Female Fertile Sarcoptes Scabiei in their burrows

Exaggerated night itch, intense scratch marks, pleomorphic lesion, pubic region affection in males, mamary region affection in females, and more than one member of family involved are signs and symptoms of a very well-known ectoparasite infection scabies.    

Every one out of five patients in my Dermatology clinical round are suffering the affect of harbouring these malicious being.They are very contagious, and can infect you either direct ( direct contact ) or indirectly ( share the same clothes, towels, etc ).

Incognito scabies is a modified type of scabies infection.It is resulted from abusing topical corticosteroid or commonly used in Egypt which is Betaderm, it can alleviates the itch, minimizes the inflammation and suppresses the allergic reaction but the side effects are more graver than it benefits.

Incognito scabies will clouding dermatologist diagnosis of the lesion, because of the atypical presentation of initial lesions and it decrease the immune reactions ( which is good ) to protect our body.Losing the immune reactions are the main contraindication of Betaderm.

Do not ever use it without consultation from a dermatologist as it can also leads to various and terrifying effects.The common misuse in Egypt is when rich in melanocyte woman who wants fair skin, they misuses Betaderm for its blanching properties, so she will look whiter than before.But beware of the consequences that are cortocosteroid-acne that is very difficult to treat.Think twice before usage!.

Do not prescribe your friends or buy over the counter Betaderm without doctors prescription.Some of the pharmacy will give you Betaderm for every skin related infection due to its action mentioned above.It will only treat the symptoms not the real infections,and may also even exaggerated it! So beware of this warning.Go to the 'real doctors' and pay to get 'real' medical services.

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