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2nd Story

Normal elbow x-ray


For those who are unfamiliar with medical terms, there are medical term in this post which I'll simply explain just for the benefit of understanding.The story will not be understood without knowing the terms.

First the physical therapy, it is a therapy of muscles and joints done by the physical therapist to restore weak, or atrofied muscles to their healthy state by using massaging, heat and by electical stimuli methods.

The second term is Myositis ossificans, is a pathological calcification of healty muscle and hardened it limiting muscle or joint movement.Also in worse case scenario the muscle affected  will become bone-like.

Fuhh, many to explain right? i'll continue with the story...,the title is..,

Boy without teeth!  

A worried mother and his son came to Dr Ali el-deeb clinic, a specialist in rheumatology and an assistant professor at the Tanta University Hospital (TUH).

The boy is wearing a splint on his right elbow, he recently suffers from a trauma that cause  a fracture on his upper one third radial bone. 

The fracture is Alhamdulillah cured, but the mother's complaint is that her son can not move his right arm, due to stiffness on his elbow joint.

It's normal for any joint to has this kind of affect after being cast by plaster of paris (pop), due to the stagnant synovial fluid and bla..bla..bla..(no time to explain..maybe another time)

After assessment Dr Ali noticed that all of the boy's front teeth were missing.So he ask the mother is it due to the accident.Shockingly the loss of teeth had nothing to do with the accident.

Want to know???

It's horrifying, even to Dr Ali! the child was undergoes a physical therapy for his stiff joint, and the most important therapy is the joint stretching which is flexion and extension of the affected elbow joint.

The therapists was doing it without doing a routine x-ray, a simple investigation.They stretch the joint without knowing that the boy has myositis ossificans of brachialis muscle!!.

His muscle had completely turn into bone, can you imagine when someone try to break your bone!.Scream! that is the word, but in this case the boy kept on screaming but the therapists said it is normal (they don't know about the calcified muscle).

The boy kept on screaming and bite his teeth together to ease the pain, sadly they kept on stretching his arm till the calcified muscle broke!.The boy can not stand the pain any longer and bite his front teeth.All the teeth broke due to the straining and the agonizing pain.

There is blood all over his face and after seeing that they stop the stretch.

The mother and the therapist were confused, they do not know what had happened.

Thus the mother became angry and they leaved the therapist out of the blue.A day after,  she visited Dr Ali's clinic and Dr Ali explains the condition of the poor child after confirming it with a simple elbow joint x-ray.

His calcified brachialis muscle was broken, so the choice of treatment is surgery and his arm will not able to move like before due to iatrogenic or his previous doctor silly, stupid yet fatal mistake.Don't forget that his front teeth are all gone too!.

scary~~~~~~..., doesn't it?? 

this story makes me want to study! i hope it goes for you guys too~ XD 


due to 'long-ness' of 2nd story the 3rd story will come out later....tq

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