Wednesday, July 13

Diversity of perception

 a diamond or a cube?


On Orthopedic clinical round, our professor was talking about symptomatology in orthopedic. He said that even though our physiological functions toward the pain mechanism are nearly the same as everyone, but he said that there's some variability in perceiving it. Theoretically it is proven by the different pain threshold that our body accustomed to each day. For example, our ancestors are accustomed to walk bare-footed regardless to the surface of the road, hot and cold, and even small prick will never bothers them. Look at us today, we can never walk without having to put our sandal on.

In a practical or clinical manner, my professor add one of his experience on how this diversity of perception can affect our daily job as future doctors. One man was still very sweaty from playing football, carried by five of his friends came to the clinic. He shouts and shouts saying "ana hamuut" ( i will die ). We can not do any clinical examination because when we do something as simple as palpating the site of the pain he will withdraws it. Worried because nothing that could be done to him, the prof simply ask his friends to go and get him a plain ankle X-ray.

After analyzing the X-ray, the prof just put some bandage and prescribe him with NSAID. He told the man to go home and have a good rest. There's nothing wrong actually!, only ankle sprain!. After one hour came an old man, he has some disturbance in his walking gait. Mild dipping gait, not so showy and only the prof can notice it. the old man was alone, walking and taking as much as three buses to get here as he is from country area "balad". 

Speaking calmly he share his story of the trauma, he said that he fell from his roof, and felt pain at his middle  left tibia. Without any grave expectation, the prof just want to make sure there is no bone involvement so he ask the old man to get a plain x-ray a-v view and lateral view of his left tibia. The old man walks out without any difficulties and go to the x-ray room. After awhile he comes back with the x-ray. The prof stare at the x-ray,he doesn't believe what he was seeing. 

Two simple words "Spiral Fracture" of the tibia.  One of the most painful fracture in Orthopedic,in regular patient he or she will need 5mg morphine just to kill the pain but the old man remains calm and remains not intrested and only said "iktibli dawa' 3ashan amshi" ( just prescribe me some medicine because i want to go home ). The prof ask him to be hospitalized and told him to prepare for open surgical repair of his fractured limb. The old man was in shock!.

That is how far the diversity of perception can be, the lesson for us to learn is everyone have their own perceptions on everything. We are dynamic, complex being that Allah SWT created as his "khalifah" on His world. Don't condemn others perceptions on any given issues. Learn form them, because no nobody is perfect, we are created in need for each other. Do not do bad things or harm them, give our love to them. Make our strength covers their weaknesses and their strength will be ours as well. Stand as one block strengthening each others as our Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلام said.

Thank you.

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