Friday, July 15

Rejoice, Ramadhan is coming.


In the khutbah today, the imam again and again encourage us to do 'al-khair' goodness in the month of Sya'ban.  A month fill with 'barakah' blessings from Allah SWT. Albeit many virtue that can be practiced in this holy month, he stressed 'Al-soum'. Fasting with steadfast.

The messages in the khutbah are numerous, but only two of hadith our Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلّم which my humble ears can get specifically lock-on. Both hadith showed me the preparation must be done to greet the holiest month in Islam.

(لا يتقدمن أحدكم رمضان بصوم يوم ولا يومين ( رواه بخاري

"Anyone of you, do not greet Ramadhan
by fasting a day or two (near to it)"

The incentive is cleared,the hadith told us don't wait at the end of sya'ban to fast. Prepare ourself as early as possible. My low-class opinion if we fast before ramadhan the fast itself will train our mind and body to prepare for the coming month of trials. Also, if someone close to us and we want to cherish their visit to our home, we will  greet them will all our caliber.Thus we must treat Ramadhan as our most cherished guest by fasting!.

As we all know, on the month of Sya'ban our 'amal' will rises to Allah. Our Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم loves to do when His 'amal' rises is fasting. Directly correlated with the hadith below :

(فأحب أن يرفع عملي وأنا صائم (ابن حجر و النسائي

"I love when my 'amal' raises i'm fasting"

So Rejoice o believer, Ramadhan is coming. Lets ask Allah to lengthen our life to meet with Ramadhan this year. Ameen ya Allah. Happy fasting ;)

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